Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, The purpose of this website is threefold:

1. Buddhism is the 3rd largest religion, and with thousands of Asian Buddhists turning to Christianity and filling up churches, and with thousands of Western Christians turning to Buddhism and filling up Buddhist temples, we @ the ConvertsToIslam team have created a website in English inviting both former Buddhists and potential Buddhists to the Path of Islam.

2. China has been the #1 country which rejected NATO action in Kosavo or UN action in Chenyia, fearing that NATO or the UN would take similar action against China also because of China's own oppressive policies towards minority religions on that cotenant, hence this website is an attempt to display the logical and peaceful co-existent character of Islam and to be a point of contact for dialog, mutual understanding, and future friendship.

3. The third reason for the creation of the *Buddhism to Islam* website was because one was needed to be made, as of January -2001, this is the very first website in English comparing Buddhism and Islam.  Please send us any other writings you know about that compares Buddhism and Islam or the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and Buddha. The Internet door is still partially open, so any material to teach Buddhists about Islam is essential (Even if you create your own or expand on the writings here) Thank you very Much.


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