Islamic Penpals

The best source of Muslim penpals on the internet! This web site is for those who wish to communicate with other Muslims.

Whether you are seeking someone with specific knowledge or just for a general exchange
of information, please register yourself.


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We are also offering for Free, a Muslims in prison penpal service, if you know a Muslim in Prison who wants a penpal, give them our address, or You would like to be a penpal to a Muslim in prison, please write to me:

Mohamed Ghounem
P.O. Box 3491
Newtown CT. 06470

I will then forward your letters to the Muslim in prison, all mailing addresses except mine will be kept confidential (only my address will appear on the letters to and from Muslim prisoners), unless both the Muslim prisoner and Muslim not in prison consent to exchange addresses. Sorry, the Muslims in Prison Penpal service is currently in English and Arabic only.

The Islamic penpal website is not a marriage site, If you are looking for a Muslim wife or Muslim husband, come visit our Free Islamic Marriage page.

Peace and Blessings,
Your brother in Islam: Mohamed


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