Islamic recipes

Healthy, Fun, Fast, and easy Muslim recipes, taste the world !

   Cariadoc's Miscellany - by David Friedman and Elizabeth Cook
  Food - Al-Mashriq
  The Middle Eastern Cookbook - by Sabria Farid Toma
  Middle Eastern Recipes - compiled by Christina Al-Sudairy
  Middle Eastern Recipes - Searchable Online Archive of Recipes (SOAR) at UC Berkeley
  Ramadan Dishes and Desserts - courtesy of ArabView Network
  Ramadan Recipes - courtesy of Arabia.On.Line
  Arabic Recipes and Arab Recipes from Middle East - courtesy of ArabicNews.Com
  Persian Cuisine Recipes - Iranian Cultural and Information Center at Stanford University
  Turkish Cuisine - by Eser Kandogan and Ibrahim Korpeoglu
  Turkish Cuisine - by Melih Özbek
  Turkish Recipes - by Ahmet Cosar


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