Islamic Poems and Poetry links by Muslims World Wide

Amatullah's Page


"When You Look At Me"

Words of Wisdom

Abd El-Hamid Mahmoud

Nizar Qabany

Ali Mehilba

Gibran Khalil Gibran

Rita Odeh

Turki Amer


Whatever You See...

The Sacred Qur'an

O Mosque

"The First Step To Wisdom"

"If Tomorrow Never Comes"

"The Scarf"

"Funny Isn't it?"

"Thoughts about prayer"

Fajr in the back yard"

Where is her grave?"

Why We Cry"

Imagine when 'U' die!!!"

Who is God?"

"Do you know me?"

"The Track of Blood"

The Beloved

Our Children

Blind Lies

Daily Checklist

Complaints of Mosque

Death Is Everywhere

Does it Matter

Hijab Poem

Ya Allah

Each Breath

I Really Care

The Shadowless One

Operation Death

Something so Right

The Universe of Islam

Tears of Jihaad

Drive By Shrink

A Small Whisper To All Muslim Women

I had a dream

The Life We Live

Allah won't ask you..

Lament of the Quran

I am Muslim

Don't Die without Her

Footprints in the Sand

I Wonder

A Letter from Satan

What Will the Date Be?

My Beloved

His Words

Object of Despair

Baby it's All Good!

Dawah to Non-Muslim Women

I am a Muslim Woman

To Western Women

Women of the Veil

My Shade

View of Death

The Tears Never did Stop

Just Like That


Poems by Bashar

Nizar Qubbani

Yazeed Ibn Mo'awiyah

Abul'Alaa al-Ma'arry

Antara Ibn Shaddad

Jareer and Al-Farazdaq

Poetry - English
Three selections by AbdulMalik Mujahid Ali: "My Jihad," "Science," and "My Sisters"
Our God - A Poem - English
by Alan Clarke
Conversation with Angel - English
A poem, taken from Dr. Ahmad Sakr's Life, Death, and the Life After
Some Islamic Poems - English
A large collection of poetry
One Straight Path - English
Apzal Hosein's creative writings are written for the propagation of Islam and for Muslim unity. This web site provides selections of his poetry and ordering information for his "One Straight Path" collection
Islamic Poetry - English
Poems by Masood - English
Rhymes - English
A glimpse of the 1.5 billion Muslim perspectives in the world. "How many different perspectives are there, variations in color and language and philosophy, and we are all bonded by this deen, we are all Ahlul Qiblah. We all turn to Makka in submission to Allah, but we all turn to that city from a different direction"

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