Converts to Islam

Instant messaging contact list

The purpose of this page is to assist New Muslims with questions Instantaneously !

When ever a New Muslim has a question, he or she can immediately receive the answer by selecting someone from the list of Muslim brothers or Muslim sisters that are online and then send us an instant message.

A new Muslim can receive an Answer to their question from Muslims waiting to help you in Real Time.

ICQ # , AOL Screen Name , MSN or Yahoo messenger name



ICQ # MSN @Yahoo.com Language
Aaj aajooba aajooba@hotmail.com website
Abu Fahadal abufahaf abufahadal@yahoo.com Arabic
Abdul Ahad Muhammad 119562892
Alikhan Rafat vakeeluncle rafat_ali_khan@hotmail.com
Ashfaq Center4Thought English
Faisal PaakCharm
Maha mraouf48@hotmail.com newmuslimsclub_m English
Mehmet R. El Mas 82120459 mrelmas@hotmail.com mr_elmas English
Mohamed Ghounem ConvertstoIslam 102437440 English
Nashira 71779785 nasheerah@yahoo.com Dutch & English
Omar Hakan omarhakan@hotmail.com English
Omer 20275489 streetlife9@hotmail.com
Oosman     muhammadoosmansaeed oosman_saeed English & Urdu
Sam 77609341 so_sam007@hotmail.com English
Shefik Bircan sefikbircan@hotmail.com sefikbircan@yahoo.com Turkish , English , Russian , Persian
UmmSumayya cama1111@yahoo.com Bosnian
Yasser Ghallab 101453388 yghallab@hotmail.com English

Are you a knowledgeable Muslim who is able to spare a few minutes to guide a New Muslim to the path of Allah ?

If you have AOL instant messaging, or YAHOO messenger, or ICQ, or any other online instant messaging service, please write to us to list your screen name or ICQ number on this site, and start assisting new Muslims today.

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